Black Lab Puppy

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25 Responses to BLACK LAB PUPPY

  1. KamSkate426 says:

    @EMOSLOVEJOJO what’s parvo? and i’m so sorry :(

  2. rdaile says:

    so cute

  3. ThePineapple42 says:

    Actually, my friends old dog Barty lived to 19.

  4. king7thomas says:

    @deramsay it’s sad that dogs only live no more than 16 years…

  5. blossom12378 says:

    nice dog! I have a black lab named riley! she is the BEST dog EVER!

  6. timmy5gh1 says:

    I have two one male and one female 5 months

  7. JustinIsHere says:

    Nice video I have a black named named Buster and he’s 7. Still silly as he was when he looked like yours in the video but I love him.

  8. griz5464 says:

    @SuperMarioMasters YES! They rock!

  9. CroPPnGoP says:

    cool dog ;D :):)

  10. HKS240sx says:


  11. SuperMarioMasters says:

    im on the border about getting one. should i or should i not? ( i also have one other small dog)

  12. MeganB971 says:

    gorgeous! i have a black lab called sputnik. he’s 6 now

  13. shadowairsoftmp40 says:

    i just got one it is an awesome dog to have

  14. slpimp08 says:

    i love labs my babys name is beautiful, best dog i’ll ever have

  15. J0RD2K7 says:

    i want one !!
    where can u buy them (in the UK)?

  16. JonasDirtyFantasy says:

    ahaha my puppy was like that too, now she looks like a frog going down it because shes so little (:

  17. AAAproductions3 says:

    i have one it used to be hilarious but i had to teach him to go down stairs and up stairs because he was afraid of them!!! lol but now he is 3 turning 4 in Febuary

  18. julesjamie199 says:

    you r dog is cute whats its name? i love black labbbbs.

  19. YamelaineGarcia says:

    Hmmm, eating garbage, why does it sound so familiar…hmm… Haha! I have a black lab puppy too! Your dog is so cute! Good luck^^

  20. Andrewtheevilpirate says:

    no shit? im getting 1 in exacely 2 weeks I LOVE THEMMM!!!!!!!

  21. mlvang05 says:

    i’m recusing one on wednesday!!!<3 i can’t wait to get him D:

  22. FrIeNdS4eVa107 says:

    were getting one in almost 2 weeks and we visited the puppies today and they were smaller than that (4 weeks) but i can’t wait!

  23. cjkelly2111 says:

    lol i remeber when i had one that big lol now he is a fatass and weighs 100 lbs lol but he is a black lab german sheppard st. bernard mix lol but he looks just like a black lab

  24. XboX360XboX1 says:

    We have one called molly and she loves rolling aroung in grass like that aswell, she also likes digging up the lawn

  25. iLOVEmyBlackLabEMMiE says:

    aw , i LOVE black labs :)

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