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Dog Beds for Large Breed Dogs

If you are thinking of getting a dog bed for your large breed dog there are a few things you should consider. Just considering the size of your dog alone is going to make choosing a proper dog bed tough enough.

You will have to see how your dog likes to sleep and that will determine if you are going to buy a round style dog bed or a bed that is more rectangle in shape. We have one dog that likes to curl in a ball and one that likes to sleep fully extended out on his side. We looked for  rectangle type sized bed that would fit both.

Take a measure of your dog when they are sleeping or laying down so you can get the proper dimensions. If you buy a bed too small your large breed dog may be hanging off the side or end and that is just not comfortable for them.

Take a look at the material. Is it easy to clean and it is it durable? We purchased a dog bed that has a cover that unzips do it’s easy to clean and maintain. Also if you have a dog that is still destructive you will want to choose something that is durable and going to last.

Make sure that it’s comfortable and has some nice cushion to it. You don’t like sleeping on a cheap mattress or pillow and either does your dog. You get what pay for so try not to go too cheap.

This is my Georgia enjoying her dog bed.

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Tips for Choosing a Veterinarian for your Dog

Choosing a veterinarian for your dog or pet is an important choice for you to make. You want to choose somebody that is right for you and your dog. You want to choose a veterinarian that you feel comfortable with and that you feel is making the right decisions when it comes to your dog or pet. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice when choosing a veterinarian for your dog.

The Facilities – You will want to take a tour of the facilities and ensure that they are clean and sanitary. You will want to make sure that they are modern and that their equipment is up to date and modern so they can handle any emergency or problem you may have. If the vet hospital looks dirty, dated and mismanaged then you might wan to look elsewhere.

Experienced Staff – When we settled on our vet we did so because she was familiar with labrador retrievers and knowledgeable about the breed specifically. She was aware of their health risks and nutritional needs. These are things you want to look for.

Compassion and Caring – This is something you can pick up on right away. Bedside manner is important and you need somebody that understands just how important your dog or pet is to you and your family. If a vet seems uninterested in your dog in general you might want to rethink things.

Word of Mouth – Ask around. Get recommendations from other dog owners. I would always be careful of reading review sights but instead of actual people I know that had experience with your prospective vet choice.

veterinarian  photo

Photo by Greg Foster Photography

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How Often to Bathe a Labrador Retriever

There appears to be a lot of widening opinions and misinformation on-line in regards to how often you should bathe your labrador retriever. In order to understand this you have to learn a little more about the coat itself.

The labrador retriever has a short, thick coat which isn’t particularly hard to maintain. What is important about the labrador retriever’s coat is that it contains an oil which helps protect them against dirt and keeps their skin dry when they are swimming of when they get wet. This oil is very important to keeping your labs skin clean and healthy.

If you wash your labrador retriever too often you will wash this oil out of their coat and this will likely lead to a number health problems. We really only bathe our dogs twice a year at most or if they get into something too stinky for us to stand. You don’t really need to bathe a labrador retriever beyond this.

When you do decide to bathe your labrador retriever please do not use a regular shampoo made for humans. Again, you may do more damage to the oil in the coat. Instead talk to your vet or pet store and find a mild and gentle shampoo designed for  labrador retrievers.

Remember your Labrador retrievers coat is a sign over their overall health. If you notice that the coat is too dry or dull then there could be something else happening. This could be from over bathing or food allergies. Do not let it go unchecked.


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Canine Acne

Some of you may not be aware but dog breeds like labrador retriever puppies  and dogs can develop what is called canine acne. Canine acne usually breaks out on their chin, lips, and muzzle. It can also be associated with scabs and blackheads on their lips, chin and muzzle. While not usually harmful canine acne can become infected which like any other infection can lead to a whole host of other problems.

canine acne

Canine acne can sometimes be confused with or mistake for food allergies. Some people report having good results with switching to a grain free dog food for example.

A few people on the chat forums have remarked that they changed their labrador retrievers bowls from plastic to steel or ceramic. Their dogs were allergic to the plastic. If you search the net you will also find dog owners who’s dogs have had problems with plastic toys that contain a chemical called BPA. Try finding dog toys without this chemical. Many dog toy makers have made the move to omit this from their toys.

Like everything else when your dogs health is concerned I will give the same advice. Go to a Veterinarian to be sure of what is wrong with your dog and to make sure you have a proper diagnosis.

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