Chocolate Lab Pup picking on Big Brother

Our new pup Stevie. She is picking on Ozzy our 5 year old chocolate lab

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25 Responses to Chocolate Lab Pup picking on Big Brother

  1. monny287 says:

    Our chocolate lab puppy (well, he USED to be a puppy. Now he’s 8) used to do this to our two older labs. One of them was tolerant of it. The other one showed our pup very quickly that SHE was in charge and he was the runt. :P She never hurt him, just put him in his place.

  2. 67500fan says:

    labs are so affectionate i miss mine had him for ten years

  3. hmbpetersen says:

    You give me a big smile today, thank you for that video.

  4. ginaandbrianna says:


  5. ggonzalez435 says:

    I love this vid. My son is just turned 12 and loves to play with our 2 year old named Charlie. They look just like these two and sound just like them. My son likes going into the kennel with the dog too. They’re too cute together. My anti-dog wife fell in love so were now a complete family.

  6. Fania54 says:

    1:33 he took the little ones face in his mouth! They are so damn cute.

  7. butpleasedontcatchme says:

    I’ve got a chocolate lab, he’s 7mths (almost) called Barney.
    He talks the way your big lab does, he does it when he’s playing or if you go out without him, kind of a cry-come-attitude! haha

  8. simplyxblonde says:

    hip dysplasia

  9. laceyqueso98 says:

    how did you pick your puppy, did you take ozzy with you for him to pick or did you guys pick her and just introduce her when you brought her home? I am thinking about getting a puppy friend for my 5 year old husky mix and I’m not sure how I should go about doing it.

  10. bigrandyb1 says:

    hmm this is just like my dogs i also have a 4 year old chocklate and a 6 month old golden lab but my pup has severe hip displua or something like that

  11. adolphin23 says:

    that pup looks exactly like my chocolate lab pup haha his names kiwi how old was ur pup in this video??

  12. silentopinion says:

    Typical puppy behavior. You gotta love it.

  13. iExtremexX says:

    Labs rules!
    I have one and it is great!

  14. dieselinveins says:

    Very cute. Reminds me of when we first got our Chocolate. Our Black would play with him like that. Labs Rule.

  15. lt1fan94 says:

    got a chocolate named bacon- he’s 125 pounds! Big baby. to me at least

  16. TheBananaDog says:

    Mine a choclate brown lab , girl named Coco

  17. modelleg says:

    It’s funny when they “flea-nibble”. They like to bite the cheeks of other dogs…it must be love.

  18. jethroboot says:

    thats awesome,

  19. dreamera1 says:

    if that was my big dog i would name him bear cuz he sounds like one! So cute!! <3

  20. MW2Snip3z says:

    lol thats my friends femail puppys name coco and see doesnt take crap lol

  21. bolsy13 says:

    thanks for telling me ( :

  22. RoInSM says:

    They get those from sitting down on cement for long periods of time. My choc lab Molly has those, she was always sitting out on the patio.

  23. psadf says:

    Great video ! Choc. labs are the BEST! Mine is a female named Coco.

  24. beastsellers1 says:

    no my chocolate lab has that to

  25. bolsy13 says:

    hey on Ozzys arm is their a little bald patch cos my chocolate lab called buddy has one and i was wondering if theres any thing wrong with it

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