Chocolate labrador libby

My beautiful dog libby, my true best friend

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10 Responses to Chocolate labrador libby

  1. SimplesEasy says:

    @scott483922564958694 how do you remeber the user name

  2. alilinzee says:

    Wow…another gorgeous lab…you’re very lucky! xx

  3. ncsponger says:

    Beautiful chocalate lab. I grew up with a female choc. lab named Bridgette. She loved to duck hunt.

  4. jyzer13 says:

    beautiful chocolate lab. I recieved a Chocolate Lab for Valentines day. I names him Mousse.

  5. magic2224 says:

    omg i love this its excactly like my dog !!!

  6. Nowheremovies says:

    OMG IT’S MY DOG 0_0

  7. jilllowes says:

    Arent these dogs just great! lovely video and beautiful dog. I have a cross choc lab and springer spaniel called Chester I love him too bits.please watch my video “my chocolate labrador/springer 8 weeks to 1yr” posted by jilllowes many thanks x

  8. Simon19369 says:

    Nice Video.

  9. scott483922564958694 says:


  10. koolykelvin says:

    meh. first comment? you should be ashamed of yourself. hehe congrats on your first video. or is it

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