Canine Acne

Some of you may not be aware but dog breeds like labrador retriever puppies  and dogs can develop what is called canine acne. Canine acne usually breaks out on their chin, lips, and muzzle. It can also be associated with scabs and blackheads on their lips, chin and muzzle. While not usually harmful canine acne can become infected which like any other infection can lead to a whole host of other problems.

canine acne

Canine acne can sometimes be confused with or mistake for food allergies. Some people report having good results with switching to a grain free dog food for example.

A few people on the chat forums have remarked that they changed their labrador retrievers bowls from plastic to steel or ceramic. Their dogs were allergic to the plastic. If you search the net you will also find dog owners who’s dogs have had problems with plastic toys that contain a chemical called BPA. Try finding dog toys without this chemical. Many dog toy makers have made the move to omit this from their toys.

Like everything else when your dogs health is concerned I will give the same advice. Go to a Veterinarian to be sure of what is wrong with your dog and to make sure you have a proper diagnosis.

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