Dog Beds for Large Breed Dogs

If you are thinking of getting a dog bed for your large breed dog there are a few things you should consider. Just considering the size of your dog alone is going to make choosing a proper dog bed tough enough.

You will have to see how your dog likes to sleep and that will determine if you are going to buy a round style dog bed or a bed that is more rectangle in shape. We have one dog that likes to curl in a ball and one that likes to sleep fully extended out on his side. We looked for  rectangle type sized bed that would fit both.

Take a measure of your dog when they are sleeping or laying down so you can get the proper dimensions. If you buy a bed too small your large breed dog may be hanging off the side or end and that is just not comfortable for them.

Take a look at the material. Is it easy to clean and it is it durable? We purchased a dog bed that has a cover that unzips do it’s easy to clean and maintain. Also if you have a dog that is still destructive you will want to choose something that is durable and going to last.

Make sure that it’s comfortable and has some nice cushion to it. You don’t like sleeping on a cheap mattress or pillow and either does your dog. You get what pay for so try not to go too cheap.

This is my Georgia enjoying her dog bed.

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