Funny Video- Funny Puppy Video Treat Review Mike Mozart + Funny Coco Puff Video of JeepersMedia

FUNNY Video , Dog Food for Kids? Funny Toy Video Review by Michael Mozart and the Funny Official JeepersMedia Mascot, The Black Lab Puppy Coco Puff Jeepers Media Your Funny Toy and Product Video Guru. Kooky Chews is a Funny candy toy made for kids not puppies! Its packages mini dog kibble cookies in a funny dog bowl with a dog bone sweet tart like treat!! This Video features my funny Black Labrador Retriever dog Coco Puff is a best special video guest star reviewer! As you might recall from earlier funny review videos My cute little Lab puppy has a few funny surprises of her own. Add to your Funniest Video Ever Playlist! Do you think that this package of candy pet food shown in this “Funny Video” should be on your menu today! Could be a funny Hilarious bowl for cats or kittens as well.

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25 Responses to Funny Video- Funny Puppy Video Treat Review Mike Mozart + Funny Coco Puff Video of JeepersMedia

  1. TheBallernation says:

    i love that it was the best

  2. Waltzslaugh says:

    coco puff is so cute

  3. KarlyKooky9 says:

    Kooky. Why does that sound so familiar?

  4. savannahxoxo826 says:

    ive had that i think it taste good.!

  5. SweeneyTodd98 says:

    My friends mother actually gave it out as a part favor. it was gross!

  6. InvaderAshley11 says:

    my grandma gave that to me… it was kinda yummy lol

  7. nikkiz909 says:

    hey u said u would eat that dogie bone treat but u did not :C

  8. HelloGoofball says:


  9. MIBsecretagent says:

    i love your coco puff

  10. twatfaceno1 says:

    thats one fussy dog lol

  11. randomness12369 says:

    i got those there actually good but i was freaked out my first time other people looked at me weird

  12. numberjack1980 says:

    0:37 i laughed so hard i should have watched this when i was eating cuz i was laughing so hard XD

  13. zOmBiEsaRePiMp says:

    I’ve had them before… there just gram crackers shaped like dog treats.
    there hella bomb!!!!

  14. roxiSKYfox says:

    wow ew Im not

  15. puppylover8212 says:

    i think it taste good

  16. sparky112foxy says:

    i bought some when i was little but it was a different brand and it tasted like sweet tarts!

  17. KawaiiGaIx says:

    i will buy it for the bowl

  18. zack31595 says:

    ok im srry but i did buy 1 of those and it was rlly good dont call me a idiot :’(

  19. TigerRuby5 says:

    god i want some

  20. FobLuver2424 says:

    I remember these from when I was little but I never got to try them…

  21. TaylorWK says:

    i had those before when i was little. TASTED LIKE CRAP!!

  22. lilypop87 says:

    hi coco

  23. baloneysubmarine says:

    The dog is thinking “Why are you feeding me this piece of crap?”

  24. poofylove2 says:

    lol i saw this in 5 and below

  25. funtime437 says:

    i bet thats real crappy dog food

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