Get Your Dog to Love the Tracking Collar

Partnered with a leash, dog collars are traditionally used to get your pets steady and within your sight whenever you take them for a walk. Over the years, technology advancements have paved the way for many collar types for different purposes. One of the widely used collars by owners who are in for an adventure with their pet dogs is the tracking collar.

Essentially, a dog tracking collar is comprised of a collar with an integrated transmitter that the dog wears, and a receiver carried by the handler or dog owner. Mostly used for training and hunting with dogs, this type of collar is often misconstrued as a terrifying device for man’s best friend.

For most who know, however, dog tracking collars are an effective way to get one of the world’s smartest animals to put his skills to good use. It is not meant to harm your pet; it is a way to get him to be disciplined, focused and well-behaved, and up for a task that demands his speed and agility.

As it is with any owner-pet relationship, the effects of the use of a tracking collar are highly dependent upon the handler. There are things you can do to ensure that your pet is not in any way frightened or terrified by the collar.

Ask yourself: “Is my dog ready for the day?” Before strapping the collar onto your pet’s his neck, determine his mood or behavior. Even dogs have bad days and you don’t want to be the selfish pet owner who doesn’t care about that. Rules imply that you can’t train your dog when he is not in a good mood. Get him to be playful so you won’t have problems getting him to wear the tracking collar.

Be sure that your device works perfectly fine. Inspect the tracking collar. If it seems to be not working in any way, get it fixed first before using it on your dog. You can’t risk putting your pet into a potentially disastrous situation just because the device isn’t functioning as it should. You should also get a reputable brand to ensure no glitches occur. When doing the hog hunt Down Under, you can use garmin tracking collars Australia handlers trust.

Thoughtless handling is a no-no. Your Pit Bull may look like the toughest animal on the planet, but inside he is a sensitive pet that needs to be assured he is going to be alright. Exude a relaxed and happy mood when strapping the collar onto his neck. Most owners who observe their dog’s anxiety talk him out of it.

Supervise at all times. Do not leave your dog unsupervised when wearing the tracking collar. Needless to say, you are responsible for keeping your pet animal safe in the hog hunting area.

Give your dog extra treats. Your dog will look forward to wearing that tracking collar when he is able to associate it with pleasant experiences. It will give him confidence about what he can do for you, and is just as glad to that he made you happy with a job well done.

With these small yet highly doable steps, you can be the responsible and sensitive dog handler when bringing your skillful pet to pig hunting. With a lot of patience and awareness about the right use of the device, you can enjoy a successful adventure without the worries.

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