Tips to Stop Your Dog from Pulling on the Leash

One of the biggest complaints that new dog owners have is their dog pulling on the leash when taking them for a walk. Pulling on the leash can be a great annoyance for any dog owner. It can lead to health risks for the dog owner in terms of pulling on the arms or even risking a fall. The dog may break the collar and run away or even pose a threat to other dogs or people.

Dogs will pull on the leash when walking for a number of reasons. They could just be excited to be on a walk. I know my dogs will pull a little more if they are cooped up in the house for a longer period of time then they are used to. They may be pulling to exert a pack dominance as a leader. Whatever the reason for pulling on the leash it has to be corrected.

We are big proponents of obedience classes. Especially with a dog trainer that knows your breed of dog. There are two distinct benefits from taking your dog to a proper dog trainer. One, the dog gets training that it needs and two you get training on how to handle your dog. The second part is probably the most important. Learning how to properly handle your dog from an expert is probably one of the most important things you can do as a dog owner.

Having a proper dog collar is important as well. We use a chock collar when taking both our dogs for walks. The type we use is a Choke Chain Collar. This tightens up as your dog begins to pull and will correct the bad behavior on its own. Just make sure the collar isn’t too tight as you don’t want to do any harm to your dog.

We like to practice what I call the sit method. When we are out for a walk and my dog is pulling on the leash I will make her sit at my side before we proceed again. If she pulls again I will make her sit again until she settles down. I also choke up on the leash in my hand so she has no slack to pull. When she begins behaving as she should I reward with a treat from my pocket. Using this method has really helped break my dog of pulling on the leash.

If you follow these three tips when walking your dog you should have a success in breaking your dog from its habit of pulling on the leash. Your walks will become a lot more enjoyable, trust us.

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