Molly the Cutest Chocolate Lab Puppy in the World!

If you enjoy adorable, owner-indulgent film footage and photos, take a look at our 3 Chapter movie of Molly from birth to 6 months old (the last chapter is the best!). She’s 3 now and is loved beyond words.

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25 Responses to Molly the Cutest Chocolate Lab Puppy in the World!

  1. arevalocarol says:

    I had a chocolate lab for 15 years. Rocko was the best dog and friend in the world. I miss him every day. I know that if I die and go to heaven, my boy will be there waiting for me to take him for his walk.

  2. TheBlondesNetwork130 says:

    This momma dog reminds me of my choco lab Charlie. She died 2 days before her first birthday. We think she ate the neighbors rat posioning. Even though they are a mile away. ):
    Charlie May

  3. neo1392 says:

    thats so cute…check out my husky on my channel

  4. jenl3rowning says:

    Thank you for your touching comment on Nova’s video. It breaks my heart that you said goodbye to your girl so soon…but so obvious that her short life was filled with so much love. When I started making my videos of Nova, it was with the knowledge that one day I’d be saying goodbye to her as well, and it might bring me comfort when I’ll need it most. I hope your heart heals fast and you’re able to share that same love with another very soon. Best of luck to you and your family.

  5. Project2Heal says:

    So cute! Check out “The magic of kids and puppies” to see how “Project 2 Heal” is saving the world, one puppy at´╗┐ a time :)

  6. MsJmb2010 says:

    check out the video with lab puppies called, “Kids Rolling Around with Puppies” – it is SO cute!!

  7. leomadesis says:

    cryied. :-( made me miss my doggie. beautiful video,

  8. akettlecalledhenry says:

    @BearBaylor69 wow my friends is cute but this one is cuter

  9. MidgetNachos says:

    My chocolate lab is Molly too!

  10. Amanzi1 says:

    I lost my beautiful old chocolate this year. I am still stick somewhere between shock and grief. They are such nice dogs

  11. MidgetNachos says:

    I have a chcolate lab and her name is Molly too

  12. miami4lyfe says:

    @simon45916 lol

  13. Eraserz1 says:

    Its not that cute. I have a puppy picture cuter than this whole video.

  14. megustasstuu says:

    @lgraceh LOL my chocolate lab is also named Molly!! she is the devil in disguise haha but she’s SOO cute and she’s so smart, we all love her very much!

  15. horse10518 says:

    @BearBaylor69 My rottwieler died last year too.His name was Bear.We were like brothers.I cry whenever i think about him.

  16. horse10518 says:

    My chocolate lab’s name is Molly.

  17. MerSAiiDeZ says:

    my dog just had puppies

  18. capebretonhockeygirl says:

    Chocolate Labs are the best, I have a 1.5 year old male… A purebred field champion :)

  19. noMJhatersclub says:

    labs are the CUTEST things ever when they’re pups! i have one named sarah, and shes the best!

  20. itsOdalis says:

    i love dogs there so cute!

  21. WhatisRight2430 says:

    I wanna chocolate lab sooo bad. They’re very smart dogs and really good with kids. But I have to wait to get one:(

  22. 48ELLA48 says:

    so adorable nd cute i want one now. i love puppies nd labradors r my fav dogs.

  23. ExZonie says:

    I love how you love your dogs. You have a heart full of love. G-d bless you!

  24. madeline155842cool says:

    i have a chocolate lab like that and he looked like that at birth

  25. simon45916 says:

    I have three labs there wonderf but love too eat everything lol

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