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Choosing a Labrador Retriever

Are you thinking of choosing a labrador retriever for your or your family. There are a number of things you should take into consideration before you rush out and bring a labrador retriever home. A labrador retriever is a high energy dog that requires training, daily exercise and understanding. They are extremely loyal and friendly dogs but without proper training and exercise they can be a handful. We retrieved this article for you that goes over some points you should consider before bringing a labrador retriever home.

Labrador Retrievers – Choosing a Labrador Retriever
Friendly, loving and very playful, the Labrador retriever has become one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Historically, this large “sporting” breed has been used to hunt and retrieve birds and only recently has the dog become known as a …
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Best Friends Black Lab and Elephant

They sure seem like odd friends but if you watch the video and look at the photos this black labrador retriever and elephant look like the best of friends. Both would have a natural love for the water and that would be a big point in their friendship.

We came across these photos when we were searching for more information on this pair.

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How Often to Bathe a Labrador Retriever

There appears to be a lot of widening opinions and misinformation on-line in regards to how often you should bathe your labrador retriever. In order to understand this you have to learn a little more about the coat itself.

The labrador retriever has a short, thick coat which isn’t particularly hard to maintain. What is important about the labrador retriever’s coat is that it contains an oil which helps protect them against dirt and keeps their skin dry when they are swimming of when they get wet. This oil is very important to keeping your labs skin clean and healthy.

If you wash your labrador retriever too often you will wash this oil out of their coat and this will likely lead to a number health problems. We really only bathe our dogs twice a year at most or if they get into something too stinky for us to stand. You don’t really need to bathe a labrador retriever beyond this.

When you do decide to bathe your labrador retriever please do not use a regular shampoo made for humans. Again, you may do more damage to the oil in the coat. Instead talk to your vet or pet store and find a mild and gentle shampoo designed for  labrador retrievers.

Remember your Labrador retrievers coat is a sign over their overall health. If you notice that the coat is too dry or dull then there could be something else happening. This could be from over bathing or food allergies. Do not let it go unchecked.


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Labradors Retrievers Are Awesome

Check out this awesome compilation of video of labrador retrievers being just awesome. This dog video should bring a smile to your face if you are a fan of the labrador retriever dog. My lab used to drag the plastic swimming pool around the yard but not quite like that. Which part did you like the best? The lab in the rain barrel or with the three tennis balls in his mouth was mine.


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Labrador Retriever Blog Back Online

About a month ago we lost our entire database at the Labrador Retriever blog. It was heartbreaking that we lost several years of labrador retriever posts and articles and photos and videos. We are working hard to add new content so please stick with us while we put things back together again.

As you can see the editor in chief of the blog has been working non-stop to get everything back together again.



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Labrador Retriever Video Compilation

I was searching for a labrador retriever video to add to the blog when I came across this compilation video. It shows short clips of awesome labrador retriever action from puppies to senior labradors this video shows it all. Be prepared for lots of cuteness.

Labrador Retriever Video Compilation

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